Index of the 1868 Voter Registrations

Anderson County, South Carolina

The 1868 Voter registration is arranged by county, then by registration precinct and then alphabetically by polling precinct. Names are listed alphabetically by the first letter of the surname, with whites and African Americans grouped separately. The registrations are unindexed. In 1868 many of your ancestors participated in the political aspects of South Carolina.

Radical Members of the South Carolina General Assembly during ReconstructionThe South Carolina General Assembly during reconstruction, consisted of several African Americans.

Alonzo J. Ransier, first African American Lieutenant-Goveror of South CarolinaBlacks voted and participated in public life. It was not until 1723 that blacks were denied the right to vote in Virginia. Blacks also voted in North Carolina until 1715, in South Carolina until 1701, and in Georgia until 1754. After emancipation they regained that right. State Archives and some states have them on microfilm.

May your ancestors be among the 1,439 African Americans who voted for their rights after emancipation.




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