Clarendon County Freeholders & Magistrate Court 1863 - 1865


Dec 31 1863

Handy or Hardy, slave of J. M. Hodges, on the 8th day of November last (1863), did break open his dwelling house during the daytime, the property of J. M. Hodges and did feloniously steal and carry away certain articles, Sundry articles to wit:

A side of tanned leather, 10 yards of woolen homespun, two bed quilts, one counterpen, one sheet, 3 shirts, a vest, and pants, 25 cents in silver, 2 dishes for despondents wife.

Verdict: Charged with Housebreaking, found Not Guilty.

Sam, a slave

Billy, a slave

August 29, 1864

Sam a negro slave, the property of the Est. of Francis Sumter & and one negro Billy, the property of R. S. Berry, this year the property of R. B. Cain. Defendants arrested and brought before Magistrate to R. J. Hollyday and J. M. Wilder September 23, 1864. They did steal 4 sides of leather from his tanning vats on the night of 25th July 1864.

Verdict: Stealing, Defendants could not be found



Mary a slave, the property of Rufus Richburg and Salindes a slave, the property of Washington Richburg, did carry away Sundry articles to wit:

Crockery ware, yard and wearing apparel, bed clothing on or about the 25 Dec 1864. Breaking open the dwelling house of Mrs. E. M. Burket

Verdict: Housebreaking, Feb 15 865, Verdict Unknown


Mar 14 1865

Testimony from Friday, slave of E. G. Dubose, witness is the brother-in-law to John (dead) the slave of Sarah J. McFaddin, who came to his death March 13 1865, from blows to the head with an Ax by Henry: John judged Henry with troubling his wife.

Testimony of Laviner, wife of John and slave of Sarah J. McFaddin:

Henry was heard saying, "If he had to die, he might as well die this night." He and John had a fight over Henry going to Johns house (shack). They had fought a few days earlier and John said he should have killed Henry the other night.

Testimony also taken from Ben, slave of E. G. Dubose and William slave of S. J. McFaddin.

Coroner’s Inquest Mar 12 1865

Verdict: Found Guilty of Manslaughter. Punishment: 2 weeks imprisonment and 150 lashes to be given over 7 days, at different intervals, 50 at delivery to the jail.

Said whipping to be given by the Jailor with a leather strap on the bare back. The Magistrate to see the whipping and a Moderator to said whipping, Mar 14 1865.

Testimony of Sam, slave of S. J. McFaddin, brother of Henry:

John’s wife has the name of being a Strumpet.

Jim, Brister, John, Henry, Thomas, slaves of Mrs. McKenzie Parker ex. of the Est. of William K. Parker. Mar 14 1865, charged with Attempting to Kill a white man (otherwise, shooting at them).

Verdict: Warrant withdrawn and Case not prosecuted.


Isaac, now the property of (or in the possession of Mr. D. Hoyle)

Isaac did enter the house of Mrs. Agness Tuchberry in an insolent manner and take a chair and seated himself and demanded Mrs. T. to give him a ticket (pass) to go home.

Verdict: Charged with Insolence, but due to mitigating circumstances to the charges, found guilty, sentence was commuted to12 weeks in the Common Jail of Clarendon District and to receive of every other Monday morning during the time of imprisonment, forty lashes on the bare back with a leather strap, said lashes to be inflicted by the Keeper of said Jail. At the expiration and after receiving said 40 lashes once every other Monday morning, said slave is to be banished from the State of South Carolina.


Apr 4 1865

Charged with the cutting of Cow Tails and turning them into wheat field. Bob, the slave of Mrs. Rebecca Tallon.

Mrs. Mary M. Kelly has reason to believe that a negro slave, the property of Mrs. R. Tallon named Bob, did cut two of her Cows Tails and turned them in her field on the 30th of Mar 1865. (Cuts off the Tails of Cows).

Verdict: Found Guilty and to receive 100 lashes on his naked back with a strap and to be confined in the jail of Clarendon District one week. Fifty lashes to be given today and the other fifty given when taken out of jail, by the Jailor.



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