South Carolina's 1868 Radical Members of the Legislature


Row 1

Harris, David row 1, 7th from left, delegate to the 1868 Convention

David Haris


McKinlay, Whitfield J. row 1, 2nd from left, delegate to the 1868 Convention, Orangeburg County

Whitfield J. McKinlay


Randolph, Benjamin F. row 1, 6th from left, delegate to the 1868 Convention. Freeborn in Kentucky, Benjamin F. Randolph was a minister and a Chaplain in the Union Army, an Educator and religious leader who came to South Carolina with the Freedmen's Bureau. He was educated at Oberlin College. Benjamin F. Randolph, Senator for Orangeburg County, while campaigning in 1868, was assassinated by the KKK at Hodges Depot, Abbeville County, as he emerged from his train, Friday October 16, 1868.

In 1871 Nineteen Black, men founded Columbia, South Carolina's Randolph Cemetery as a memorial to fellow African American Benjamin F. Randolph. Ernest L. Wiggins, staffwriter for the Columbia newspaper, The State, gave this account of Randolph's murder: Resentful whites began gunning for blacks who attempted to campaign for public office. While seeking re-election, Randolph was warned to stay out of Abbeville County, but he rode the rails into Abbeville on October 16, 1868. As he emerged from the train, in Hodges Depot, he was ambushed by three white men and killed.

Benjamin F. Randolph


Wilder, Charles M. row 1, 4th from left, delegate to the 1868 Convention and the first black Postmaster of Columbia


Charles M. Wilder


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