South Carolina's 1868 Radical Members of the Legislature


Row 2

Boseman, Benjamin A. row 2, 7th from left

Benjamin A. Boseman


Lomax, Hutson J. row 2, 3rd from left delegate to the 1868 Convention Abbeville Co.

Hutson J. Lomax


Thomas, William M. row 2, 5th from left delegate to the 1868 Convention

William M. Thomas


Wright, Jonathan J. row 2, 9th from left delegate to the 1868 Convention, associate justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court, America's first black appelatte judge. On February 11, 1999 a portrait was hung in the courthouse where he took his oath as the first black attorney in the state of Pennsylvania. " I am one who is a laborer in the cause of human freedom and progress...particularly among my own class." The Honorable Justice Jonathan Jasper Wright died on February 19, 1885. The Charleston News and Courier on the front page featured his death with the following, "one more relic of Reconstruction disappears."

Jonathan J. Wright


Mays, James P. row 2, far left, Orangeburg County

James P. Mays



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