South Carolina Manumitted Slaves

The following information was taken from the South Carolina Department of Archives and History Combined Index. Keyword Manumitted Slaves. This Keyword came up with Manumissions listed on Bills of Sale along with other slaves purchased in the state of SC from 1774 to 1862, for a total of 16 Bills of Sale.

Ref: 002Q this is the Volume #...the next is the page is the date of the transaction.....S213003 is the series. The above Ref. will allow you to see a copy of the original bill of sale. The records were extraction verbatim. I have no furthur information.


Bell, David of Mazyck and Bell to John S. Pezant, Trustee for Butler Wigfali, a Black Man, Bill of Sale for Butler Wigfali. 005T 38 1836/10/22 S213003

Bellingall, Margaret to Arthur G. Rose, Guardian of Rose, Bill of Sale for a slave named Rose. 005O 316 1833/07/25 S213003

Bonsell, ELizabeth to Robert Maxwell, Bill of Sale for a slave named James, son of Leah, Born Feb. 24, 1798, to be Manumitted on his 21st birthday. 003X 278 1806/09/29 S213003

Butler, George of St. Bartholomews Parish to old Jemmy, slave of Richard Singleton, Bill of Sale for a slave named Jemmy, son of old Jemmy Aforesaid, for the purpose of his being made free at the death of the latter. 003N 233 1800/02/27 S213003

Butler, Pierce to Abraham Jacobs, Free Black, Bill of Sale for 3 slaves, Mary, Sarah and Moses, children of a slaved named Catey, the latter having been made free this day, with the condition that the girls be set free at 14 and the boy at 18 years old. 003N 418 1802/06/30 S213003

Campbell, J. W. to William Mere, Trustee for Charlotte Kreitner, a Black, Bill of Sale for Charlotte. 005D 435 1827/04/09 S213003

Evans, Johnathan to Maria, Manumission of Maria a Negro. 00B1 89 1720-1722 S372001

Flemming, Robert Jr., to Mary M. Lloyd, Bill of Sale for 3 slaves named Sam, Mary and Sue, warranted sound and healthy. 005A 227 1824/07/23 S213003

Gaillard, William to Daphne, Bill of Sale for a slave named Lizzy, her daughter. 004A 51 1810/06/01 S213003

Jones, John S. to R. C. Geyer, Trustee for Nancy, a slave, Bill of Sale for Nancy. 005T 108 1837/02/15 S213003

Magnan, James to Leon Herckenrath, Bill of sale for a Mulatto slave named Juliet Louisa McCormick, about 14 years old, with Manumission. 005O 264 1833/04/29 S213003

McDonald, Susanna Egan to John OKennedy, Bill of Sale as a Manumission for a Mulatto slave named Joseph OKennedy, about 2 years and 7 months of age. 004A 176 1809/02/04 S213003

Mitchell, Rebecca, Amix. of James Mitchell to James Eden, a Free Man of Colour, Bill of Sale for a slave named Betty, with stipulation that James Edens will allow her to keep her wages and personal Freedom. 005K 115 1830/01/23 S213003

Oliver, Elizabeth to Portsmouth and Rose, Manumission. 03T0 111 1771 S372001

Rose, Hugh to Plowden Weston, Exor., of James Simpson, Bill of Sale for a Mulatto named Lewis, reputed son of the aforesaid James Simpson, to be Liberated and apprenticed to a trade within 3 months or less. 003X 287 1806/10/25 S213003

Thomson, Ann C. to William Broadfoot, Bill of Sale for a Mulatto slave named Sam, who is to be set Free after having paid to W. Broadfoot the amount of this sale. 004A 533 1810/06/22 S213003




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