Black Newspapers of Alabama


Alabama Newspapers and Periodicals

Call numbers Ala. 016.07 0w97a Compiled by Thomas M. Owens LL.D 1915

From the Alabama Official and Statistical Register

Baldwin County

The American Banner **

Barbour County

Eufaula ...East Alabama News

Est 1918

Publisher The Citizen Company

Editor Thomas G. Wilkinson

Blount County **

The Eagle Eye


Union Springs **

Calhoun County

The Union Leader **

Colbert County

The American Star s.m.

Established Jan 1 1901

Editor and Manager Walter F. Miller

Dallas County

The Baptist Pioneer **

The Southern Independence **

The Ebony Times **

Houston County

The voice of the Negro w.

Established Sept 1912

Editor and Publisher Prof. J. R. Curtis

The Southern Star **

Jefferson County

The Industrial Enterprise m. Frat.

Established 1908

Editor and Publisher J. F. Thomas

The Baptist Leader w. Religious

Established 1890

Publisher Alabama Baptist Convention

The Birmingham Reporter w.

Est 1902

Publisher and Editor O.W. Adams

Birmingham Wide Awake w. Rep

Established 1888

Editor and Publisher L. H. Harrison

The Christian Hope w. Baptist and Rep

Established Apr 12 1893

Publisher Mrs. M. D. Duncan

McConico's Monthly magazine m. n.p. (negro)

Established 1910

Publisher and Editor John F.A. McConico

The Truth w. n. p. (negro)

Established 1903

Editor and Publisher Carrie A. Tuggle

Voice of the People w. n. p. (negro)

Established 1913

Publisher Voice and Publishing Co

Editor J.A. Bray

The Times Plan Dealer **

The Weekly Voice **

Birmingham Advance **

Birmingham World **

The Alabama Voice **

The Birmingham Times **

Macon County

Journal of the National Medical Association qr. med

Established March 1909

Editor C. V. Roman, Nashville

Publishers The National Medical Association

The Messenger. Ft. nightly

Establishes 1905

Editor C.D. Calloway

Publisher The Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute

National Association Notes. m.

Established October 1897

Editor Mrs B, K. Bruce Washington D. C.

Publisher National Association for Colored Women

National Negro School News m. Educational

Established 1910

Editor Isaac Fisher

Publisher The Negro Farmer Publishing Co.

The Southern Letter m.

Established May 1884

Editor Booker T. Washington

Publisher Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute

The Oakwood Bullitin Educational

Established 1913

Publisher the Oakwood Manual Training School

The Normal Index w. Student

Established October 1910

Editor Walter S. Buchanan

Publisher State Agricultural and Mechanical College for Negroes

The Negro Farmer

The Negro Farmer and Messenger

The Tuskegee Herald

The Tuskegee Times

Madison County

Huntsville Gazette **

The Huntsville Journal **

The Normal Index **

The Educator **

The Weekly News **

Mobile County

A.M.E. Zion Quarterly Review Religious

Established 1890

Editor and Publisher Rev. L. W. Kyles

The Mobile Weekly Press w. Rep.

Established 1894


C. W. Allen

Publisher Press Publishing Co.

Sparks, m. n. p.

Established Dec 1 1911

Editor and Publisher C. L. Fisher

The press Forum

The Press Forum Sun

Southern Watchman


The Eagle **

Montgomery County

The Colored Alabamian w. Ind-Rep

Established Feb 9 1907

Editor and Publisher R.C. Judkins

The Good Shepherd's Magazine m.

Established May 11 1907

Editor G. W. Chandler

Alabama Tribune **

The Weekly Citizen **

Montogomery Times **

The Colored Citizen **

The Evening Appeal **

The Alabama Enterprise **

The Alabama Guide **

Colored Alabamian **

The Emancipator **

The Helping Hand **

The Herald **

The Advance **

Montgomery Argus **

Alabama Republican **

Perry County

Uniontown News w. n. p.

Established 1909 (about Oct 1) as the Negro Leader)

Editor J. H. Forniss

Publishers The Success Printing Co.

The Normal Register **

Pike County

Afro-American Advocate **

Talladega County

Talladega College Record **

Tuscaloosa County

The Alabama Citizen **

The Alabama Citizen and the Tuscaloosa Weekly Review **

The Tuscaloosa Chronicle **

Wilcox County

The Southern Star **



** denotes that the Newspapers were taken from the list at the ADAH which were not included in the book.



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