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The office of the coroner was an ancient institution, brought over from England. The coroner conducted inquests in cases of violent or unexplained death. A special jury would view the body, under the coroner's direction, and decide whether it was a case of accident, suicide, or murder: whether the person "dyed of Felony, or by Mischance and Accident. And if of Felony, whether of his own or anothers. And if by Mischance or Misfortune. Whether by the act of God or Man. And if he dyed of Felony, who were Principals, and who were Acessories".

Testimony was taken from neighbors, friends, acquaintances who knew the person or may have witnessed the incident. Testimony from family members could prove to be quite important to the genealogist searching for missing pieces to his or her puzzle. Some of the testimonies would give information from mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, sometimes giving age as well as the entire name. These testimonies sometime give residence of the victim at time of death.

Perhaps the Coroner will give you some insight into the where abouts of your ancestor. Perhaps he will give you some insight as to what happened to some 698 residents, men, women and children, of the County of Clarendon from 1866 until 1949. Perhaps he will tell you nothing, but some of you will learn some unknown facts.

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