Charles F. Bolden

One of SC's favorite sons, astronaut Charles F. Bolden speaks to kids on technology

taken fron "Black News", SC Black Media Group 1995 article by Gregory Ross Assoc. Editor


Charles F. Bolden, astronaut, photo by Dennis WilliamsThe Sky is no longer the limit" Brigidier General Charles F. Bolden, Jr., one of Columbia's favorite sons said to an audience of students at the State Museum on Gervais St.

The celebrated astronaut who journeyed four times into space, twice on the Discovery, once on the Atlantis and once on the ship Columbia, was in town to receive the Global Vision Award at a ceremony that is scheduled to take place Wednesday evening (Dec. 6) at the Adams Mark Hotel.

To his audience at the museum, Bolden talked about the nearing possibilities of space travel for the common man.

"10 years from now" he said, "space shuttles will be flying no more."

Instead he described a subsequent vehicle that will look somewhat like a shuttle and will fly you into space.

Best known for his accomplishments, Bolden has created a recognition to South Carolina around the globe and serves as an inspiration to South Carolina and the World Community.

Bolden spoke technically about space travel. He quoted scientist Isaac Newton by stating "A body in motion stays afloat. A body at rest will stay right there." He continued by describing the trials and tribulations of space travel.

He talked about the atmosphere and what we are doing to it.

"If we continue to destroy the atmoshere we will suffer as a race as a whole. Earth is a lot more resilient then us. If we destroy the atmosphere, then that is it. Life is over" he said.

Bolden talked candidly about courage and having the perserverance to seek his goal as a astronaut. He especially talked about the time when Black astronauts was unheard of. Now women, Blacks and Hispanics all have futures in NASA.

When asked who were his mentors, he stated "Besides my father who is my greatest mentor, my 7th grade math teacher, Kip Linberg Jeffcoat and James P. Neal, a teacher I had while attending W. A. Perry." He encouraged children to follow their dreams and to stay in school.



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