Clarendon County Histories


Taken from the Inventory of Church Archives of Churches 1935


Antioch (Negro Baptist) 1887 Clarendon County

2 mi sw of Jordan, S.C. Farm road

Organized in 1887 near the present site, under a brush arbor, by Rev Charlie Weston, pastor 1887-1905, with 12 members, who had withdrawn from Mt Chapel. In 1890 a plain frame rectangular church was built; it was razed in 1900. A new building, 24 x 40, with cross rectangle, tower from ground with vestibule in tower, pulpit in bay window at back, painted stain glass windows. This church has a half interest in a 2 acre cemetery


Biggers (A.M.E.) 1865 Clarendon County

3 mi N Jordan, S.C. on road to Manning

During slavery times services were held in a log cabin on the Plowden plantation. In 1865 the same negroes organized and built a small frame rectangular church. It burned in 1890 and a second rectangular frame building was erected. It was torn down in 1916 and the present frame was completed and dedicated 1916. Rev Tom Biggers, pastor 1865-66, was their leader, and the church was named in his honor.

Calvary (Negro Baptist) 1870 Clarendon County

5 mi N Paxville, S.C. on a dirt road to Pinewood.

Organized in 1870 with approximately 75 members from the white church of the same name, and named for the church they had attended "before Freedom" on land purchased from Rhame and Pugh Attys., meetings were held under a brush arbor while a rude hut was being built. This was torn down 1879 and a larger building of the same type erected. It burned 1900 and the present church was erected. It has a cemetery on the 3 acre lot.

Delain Chapel (A.M.E.) Clarendon County

3 mi W Manning Old Georgetown Road

Organized 1910 by Rev. Henry DeLain, pastor 1910-14, with 20 charter members, and was named in his honor. It is known locally as "Sawdyst Hill". A frame building, 16 x 20, recessed porch, terraced tower on roof, capacity 50, value $500. It was completed 1910 and dedicated Oct 20 1920. There are six pews and four school desks in the building. A small burying ground is in the rear. Records: Alex Ray, former clerk, moved to N.C., carrying deeds, titles, and all records with him. The present clerk was unable to get them back.

Fourth Cross Road Clarendon County

(Ridgill Shed,1901-1913)

Organized with 12 members, on the plantation known as the Ridgill Farm. It was named for Rev. Ridgill. In 1913 the name was changed to Fourth Cross Roads, because it was on the 4th cross roads on the public roads from Manning. A small frame building, 12 x 20, capacity 50, value $200, was completed 1901 and dedicated 1902. The present membership is 40. Rev Purdy Gibson is pastor (Silver S. C.): Nelson Rdgill Jr. is clerk.

Laurel Hill (A.M.E.) Clarendon County

1 1\2 mi W. Davis Station

Organized 1865 under a brush arbor from 1865 to 1867 on the Rhame's plantation. In 1890 on the present site a rectangular frame building was built.

Liberty Hill (A.M.E.) 1865 Clarendon County

1 1/2 mi SW St Paul, Country Road

Organized 1865 under a brush arbor till a small frame building was completed. It burned 1904. A frame, 54 x 54, tower from the ground at each front corner making small rooms, two small rooms at back with pulpit between, galleries on three sides of auditorium arched windows. Capacity 1000, completed and dedicated 1905. A two story parsonage, and a cemetery on the 12 acre lot. Value of the entire property is $6000. Rev Emanuel Gibson was pastor 1865-1870. There is a membership of 700. Rev. M. J. Sumter, Summerton, S. C. is pastor : H. P. Martin, Summerton, S.C. is clerk. A cornerstone has "New Liberty Hill". Commenced building May 1904. Finished building June 1905 during pastorate of Rev. H. C. DeLane. This stone was laid Sep 28 1907. L. J. Coffin, Bishop. H. M. Thomas P.E.H. DeLane pastor. The "New" simply means the church building is new. Records... Minute books, also baptisms, marriages, members deaths, finances. A folder of burial certificates 1929...

Melina Presbyterian USA 1865 Clarendon County

3 mi s Sardinia

Brush Arbor 1854-1857

Mother Church (Original Free Will Baptist) 1860 Clarendon County

5 mi SE Turbeville, S. C.

Organized 1860 with Rev. Redding Moore as pastor, 1860-65. A log cabin was erected and used as a place of worship till 1895 when it was torn down and replaced by the present frame building. 1 acre lot, small cemetery.

Mt Carmel (Presbyterian USA) 1899 Clarendon County

Rectangular frame tower built at front with terraced steeple, bay window at back holds pulpit. First settled clergy Joe Torrence, tenure 1900-1919.

Mt. Sinai (Fire Baptized Holiness Church of God Clarendon County

Bloomville, S.C.

Organized 1913 by Rev. Jessie Brunson (a woman) pastor 1913-1914, with 7 members in a vacant house. A frame building, 18 x 24 cruciform, tower from ground at right in front, bell value $1500. 1 acre cemetery on the lot, no parsonage. Rev J. W. Frazier is pastor, Conway, S.C. Ben Pendergrass, Bloomville, S. C. is clerk. Membership is 26. James Rosier apparently head of the church in the state.

Mt Zero (Negro Baptist) Clarendon County

half mi W Tindall's Mill

Organized by James Tindall for his slaves, meeting under a brush arbor, till a rectangular frame building was completed. It was blown down 1869. After the war between the states, title was given to the negroes. A second frame building, 25 x 42, terraced lower from the ground, with bell, was completed and dedicated 1869. A small cemetery is at the side of the church. Rev J. C. Clark was pastor 1869-1881.

Mount Zion A.M.E. (1864) Clarendon County

7 mi W Davis Station on River Road

Organized under a brush arbor during the last year of the war between the states, as a sister church to St. James. They have had the same pastor since organization. Rev. Daniel Humphies was pastor 1865-1979. A frame building was erected 1865 to be torn down and the lumber used to rebuild 1918. The present building frame 40'x40',square towers on each side of the front and slightly forward, one taller than other, bell, gallery across back, capacity 300, home made pews and pulpit. A cemetery is in the back of the church. The parsonage is owned jointly with St. James.

New Hope Clarendon County

Panola Road, (Cane Savannah Road)

Organized 1920 with 25 members who withdrew from R.M.E. after falling out with the Bishop, and built 200 yards from the old church, and on the same land that had been donated 1871 by John Boyd for church purposes. It was dedicated 1920. They built a parsonage at Pinewood. The cemetery on the acre lot is the property of the 3 churches. Rev. Henry Tindal was pastor 1920 -1925.

New Jerusalem (African Free Will Baptist) 1921 Clarendon County

2 mi E. Turbeville, cross roads Turbeville to Lake City.

Organized 1921 by Rev. JD Roberson pastor 1921-1922 with 5 members. A square frame building 20 x 20 capacity 60, was erected and dedicated 1921.

Reeseville (A.M.E) 1868 Clarendon County

2 mi w Harvin, S.C.

A church was organized by the grandfather of Mr. P. S. Harvin for his slaves. After the war between the states Mr. Harvin gave an acre lot at the station for a church. Under the leadership of an ex-slave named Pastor Payton, who pastored 1868-1886, a church was erected, and the old one abandoned., 1868 It was remodeled 1910 and a cornerstone inserted by the pastor at the time, Rev P.W. Lewis.

Rock Hill (Negro Baptist) 1900 Clarendon County

6 mi NW Manning, S.C.

Organized 1900 with approximately 47 members as it was so far from a Baptist church. Dedicated 1900 by Rev John Franklin. Rev Judge Austin was pastor 1900-02. In 1904 many negroes on the plantation of Mr McDowell McFaddin met under a brush arbor and called themselves a church, naming it Rock Hill from the outcropping of rock on the land given them by McFaddin. 1905 small rectangular frame was erected, was torn down, (seems that meetings were held before regular organization effected). Razed in 1908, meeting were held in this church prior to a formal organization. After Mr McFaddin's death his widow gave title to the land. Present building was dedicated 1910. Rectangular frame with a recessed porch in middle of front. Tower on the roof, seating capacity approx. 150. 18 x 24. Rev Jim Jenkins was the first settled clergy, his tenure was 1908--1936. Rev E. J. Cooper was pastor at the time of the survey. Clyde Billips and Charlie Butler helped to build the church. Rev J. C. Clark was pastor after Rev. Jenkins.

Santee (A.M.E.) 1865 Clarendon County

3 mi S St Paul US #301 Then to left 6 mi on River Road

Organized just after freedom 1865 with approximately 75 members under the leadership of an ex-slave whose name seems to have been entirely forgotten. He served them 1865-70. A small frame building was erected and torn down 1900.

Society Hill (A.M.E.) 1870 Clarendon County

6 mi S Jordan, S.C. river road

Organized with 119 members when the negroes in the neighborhood wanted a place of worship of their own and felt that they could no longer go to the white church. They built a frame church 1870 and have added to it and remodeled it twice. The first pastor established was Rev J. Boston, 1890-1892.

St. James (A.M.E.) 1870 Clarendon County

6 mi S. Davis Station to the right of River Road

This church was really organized 1864, Daniel Humphries was pastor 1865-1869, the last year of the war between the states, by slaves, meeting under a brush arbor. In 1870 with 19 members in an old house near by, they met with Rev. Sam Cantey pastor, 1870-74. With the help of some of the white families of the neighborhood a lot was bought and a frame building erected. It was torn down 1913 and the materials used to help in putting up a larger building. It is a frame 30 x 62 extension at the back, 24 x 12, for pulpit, square tower from ground, in front, vestibule though it. Cemetery at rear. A 4 acre cemetery is the joint property with Mount Zion.

St Mark's (A.M.E.) 1885 Clarendon County


Members from Liberty Hill church found it too far to go, so 65 of them withdrew and organized St. Marks with Rev. J.P. Wilson as pastor. A small frame church was erected 1885 but was razed when the Presbyterian Church, US. sold their building to this organization, 1905. It was rolled to the present site, burned 1915. The present church frame, 33 x 48, terraced tower from ground, bell, extension at back for pulpit. Was completed and dedicated 1915.

Taw Caw Missionary Baptist Clarendon County

After the cival war, and the slaves were free, blacks had a chance to worship in their own way, but they had no house of God to worship in. So the ex-slaves of this church and the land were sold to the blacks for four hundred dollars. The original part of this building was originally built in 1859. Since then, a number of changes have been made. Originally the front entrance faced east, with a road leading to the present entrance. In the late teens, or early 1920's, under the leadership of Rev. Hannahan, the pastor, the church was remodeled. The front entrance was changed to face the north, a new pulpit was built, and an indoor baptismal pool was installed. Before the church was remodeled, the baptismal pool was in the back yard of the church. Other minor improvements were made under the leadership of Rev. H. H. Harvin's administration. The stone building on the back of the church was built during the pastorate of Rev. N. F. Butler. It included a kitchen, dining area, and restrooms. As of 1994, the membership was at 643. On January 10 1994, Taw Caw became the first Black Baptist Church in Clarendon County to be legally exempt from taxation. "All of the historical facts of Taw Caw will never be known. However, we are proud of the fragmented parts of the history as told to us by our ancestors. With the faith in our heavenly father, we hope that the future of our church will be even greater. Bibliography taken from Anniversary Program given by present pastor Johnson.

Tump Spring or First Baptist (Negro Baptist) 1921 Clarendon County

3 mi w of Pinewood, S.C. dirt road

Organized 1921 by 20 negroes who found it too far to go to Pinewood to worship, with Rev James Outen as pastor, 1921.-- A frame building, 32x 48, bell on pole, 1 half acre lot containing grave yard.

Westminster (Presbyterian in USA 1896 Clarendon County

5 mi N Harvin on Plowden Mill Pond Road

Organized 1896 with 27 members and with Rev. J. P. Crawford as pastor 1896-1910. He is a graduate of what was Biddle University at the time he attended; now known as Smith's, Charlotte, N. C. In 1896 a small frame building 24 x 36 was erected. Tho very dilapidated, it is still standing. As it was too small, a second building, rectangular, straight steeple on roof, bell, was erected 1917, but burned 1936. The present building, 34x 60, steeple on roof, addition at back for pulpit, 12 x 30, just completed, is valued at $3000. All work was done by the members. The lot is valued at $300. Rev C. W. Talley, Sumter, S. C. is pastor; Willie Williams, near the church is clerk. Membership is 129. Records 1896-1916 were in the church and burned when it was destroyed. 1917-1925; 1926,-- 2 vols. now in the new church.

Williams Chapel 1911 Clarendon County

Is a frame, 15 x 25 door at each end, capacity 100, value $100. (is property of pastor). Rev. William Dozier, pastor 1911---, is also custodian of any records that are kept. He will not give any information as to any records. Records: Record Book of S. B. 1916--, 1 vol. Financial records, 1936--, 1 vol. Also contains names of all members who have paid up. Bibliography for both. William Dozier and clerk of the A. F. W. convention.

Union Cypress (A.M.E.) 1860 Clarendon County

1 mi S Jordan, S.C. Rt 260

Organized under a brush arbor by two slaves, Uncle Will Cain and Mose Hilton: the former was pastor 1860-65 and the latter was pastor for the next 5 years. In 1867 Mr. Sprott gave them 4 acres of land upon which they could erect a church. It was torn down 1909 and the present frame building erected. It is the joint property of Antioch.

Union Hill (A.F.W. Baptist) 1873 Clarendon County

3 mi. ne Turbeville, SC dirt road

Organized 1873 by Rev. John M. Parker, pastor 1887-1936 under a shed. It was used till 1880, when it was replaced by a rectangular frame building which burned 1887. The present church, a frame, 24x34 terraced steeple, is on an acre lot which also has the cemetery at the back.

Wilson Grove (A.F.W. Baptist) Clarendon County

Wilson, S. C.

Organized by Rev. Tom Riggins, pastor 1884, on a lot given by Mr. R. M. Johnson, white land owner, as long as it is used for a church. A log cabin was erected and used till 1900, when it was replaced by a small frame building. It was remodeled 1937 and is now a crude frame. The Muldrow cemetery is being used.



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