Anderson County Coroner Inquisition

Anderson Coroner Inquisitions 1909-1912

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An Inquisition indented was taken at J. L. Jackson's plantation In Anderson County the 24th day of Jan AD 1911 before J.E. Beasely Coroner for said County, upon view of the dead body of Jerry Pressley then and there being dead by the oaths of R.R. Keaton (Forman) I.M. Pruitt J.M. Parker, W.O.Lathan, T.P Lathan......being a lawful jury of inquest who being charged and sworn to inquire for the State of South Carolina where and by what means the said Jerry Pressley came to his death upon their oaths do say the the aforesaid Jerry Pressley came to his death from a pistol shot ball wound inflicted Jan 19th 1911 on J.L. Jacksons plantation the aforesaid pistol being in the hands of Enoch Hall & Tomp Moseley Mat Jones Pink Little are accessories to the crime and so the jurors afroesaid upon their oaths aforesaid do say that the aforesaid Enoch Hall Tomp Moseley Mat Jones and Pink Little in mannor and form afroesaid Jerry Pressley then and thereflloniously did kill against the peace and dignaty of the same State aforesaid in witness whereof J.E. Beasley coroner aforesaid and the jurors afroesaid to the inquisition have interchageably put our hands and seal the day and year above mentioned.

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The State vs.the dead body of Jerry Pressley

Claud Ware sworn said I live with J. A. Jackson, the hot supper was at my house on J.A. Jacksons place Jun 19th 1911 i saw Enoch Hall have a pstol in his hands about the time the fuss commenced he was backing toward doors after shooting was over I went in kitchen found Jerry Pressley and Charley Hall shot found Jerry shot in the side and Charley shot in the hip.

Signed Claud Ware.

Anderson Berry sworn said Jerry Pressley was brought to my house Jan 11th 1911 about 11 0'clock. Will Latamore and Larence Clinkscales brought him tyo my house had a doctor with him that night he was shot when brought to my house he died saterday a.m. about seven oclock Jun 21st 1911. I was with him when he died.

Signed Anderson Berry

Allice Boseman sworn said I live in Atlanta I was at hot supper do not know what row started about. Claud Ware came in room and said I will have peace and shot toward top of house light went out and another shot was fired and sprinkled ny face with shot. John Watts had pistol, Tom Moseley had pistol, Enoch Hall had a pistol. I saw Pinch Little with a gun.

Signed Allice Boseman

Larence Clinkscales sworn said I live Mr. Tom Pruitts place I was at the dance About 10 or 11 o'clock the row started I saw Claud Ware with pistol. Will Hylord walked against Watt Brown Will Hylord beged Brown pardon, Brown cursed him Emoch Hall walked up taken hold of Hylord and told him to get Brown he would bust him (Brown) open and he ____ his hand in hip pocket and said he would shoot Brown first shot was pistol shot. Sound like it was shot in room next shot was shot gun fired from out side Enoch Hall pulled out his pistol and commenced shooting he was near the front door. Enoch implyed his pistol in to the room into the crowd reloaded and shot again while Enoch was shooting in room said God Dam you I will kill you. About the time the shooting began I saw Jerry Pressley in the room where Hall was shooting into. I did not see Jerry Pressley with a pistol that night. After shooting I went back into room found Jerry Pressley and Charlie Hall shot. While Hall was shooting into room heard people in room hollering they was shot.

Book 1915-1920

Tom Harper The dead body of Tom Harper Will Thompson sworn says I went to Tom Harpers about 12 o'clock to day and found Tom dead in his house lying against the front door. I saw him yesterday evening sitting on the door step, he could hardly get his breath. He had been in bad health all this year he has said that he had had a shortness of breath. I never heard of anyone having an ill will against him.


Found at the SCDAH, Columbia, South Carolina. Coroner’s Inquisitions, Anderson County, from the original document.


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