Comptroller General Tax Return/Record Books
SC - County tax Returns - 1866
Sumter District

Tax Returns/Record Books:

The records are arranged by county or parish. Names are listed alphabetically by the first letter of the surname. The abbreviation "PC", which stood for persons of color follows the names of African American and mulattoes.

These records can all be found at the SCDAH. The following was taken from Sumter County 1866 Tax Book, Box 100, Folder 3, files D - E, D - E, being the first letter of the lastname of the Employer


Freedmen/PC		Pg#	Employer
Abb			1	Dr. H. I. Abbott
Abe			16	G. W. Cooper
Abner			7	William Burrows
Abram			7	G. W. Bradford
Abram			9	S. J. Bradley
Abram McFaddin		14	W. W. Bradford
Adam			5	F. L. Brunson
Addison Wilson		12	C. Boyle
Albert			10	James Booth
Alfred			16	J. M. Cooper
Allen			2	R. H. Anderson
Amos			2	R. H. Anderson
Amos Green		12	J. A. Barnes
Amzi			16	G. W. Cooper
Andrew			2	James Atkinson
Andrew			5	W. W. Bradford
Andrew			10	James Booth
Andrew Jackson		11	Dr. J. J. Bossard
Andrew Pinckney		11	Dr. J. J. Bossard
Anthony			1	J. E. Atkins
Anthony			3	Rev'd A. Alexander
Anthony			6	Mrs Dorcas Brown
Anthony			7	Leonard Brown
Anthony Brunson		14	W. W. Bradford
Ben			2	W. J. Anthony
Ben			5	W. L. D. Brogdan
Ben			10	James Booth
Ben			16	G. W. Cooper
Bill			11	John J. Brown
Bill			16	G. W. Cooper
Bill Hill		11	J. P. Brennan
Billey			12	W. H. Burgess
Billey			16	G. W. Cooper
Billey Champaign	13	Mrs. V. Bradford
Bob			2	W. J. Anthony
Bob			5	E. A. Brown
Bob			5	W. W. Bradford
Bob Aiken		8	S. J. Bradley
Bonapart		7	G. W. Bradford
Bazly			1	R. J. Anderson
Burrill Wilson		12	C. Boyle
Cain			8	S. J. Bradley
Cain			16	G. W. Cooper
Cain Luckey		12	C. Boyle
Carolina		6	J. B. Brogden
Carolina Wilson		12	C. Boyle
Catoe			9	S. J. Bradley
Catoe			14	John S. Bradley
Catoe			16	G. W. Cooper
Cesar			13	G. W. Brown
Cesar			16	G. W. Cooper
Chance			1	Dr. H. I. Abbott
Chapman			14	W, D, Baskin
Charles Brown		14	PC
Charles Hancock		6	Moses Brogden
Charley			10	J. J. Brunson
Cintry			6	J. F. Bradford
Cornelius		2	R. H. Anderson
Cornelius		16	G. W. Cooper
Cuffee			10	R. J. Brownfield
Cyrus			9	S. J. Bradley
Daniel			8	Mrs Dorcas Boykin
Daniel			13	G. W. Brown
Daniel			14	John S. Bradley
Danton			10	James Booth
Dav			11	J. J. Britton
Dave			6	J. F. Bradford
Davy			16	G. W. Cooper
Daymond			9	S. J. Bradley
Dennis			2	R. H. Anderson
Dick			11	Levy Burkett
Edmund			7	J. _ F. Bradford
Edmund Gadson		13	Mrs. V. Bradford
Edward			4	H. N. Bradford
Edward McFaddin		14	W. W. Bradford
Elias			16	G. W. Cooper
Elijah			8	Mrs Dorcas Boykin
Elijah			9	S. J. Bradley
Ellick			5	E. A. Brown
Ellis			13	G. W. Brown
Ellison			16	J. M. Cooper
Enoch			10	Drury Boykin
Ephraigm		8	S. J. Bradley
Essex Taylor		13	Mrs. V. Bradford
Evander			4	H. W. Bradley
Flander			4	W. W. Bradley
Fortune			16	G. W. Cooper
Francis			7	William Burrows
Frank			6	J. B. Brunson
Frank			12	W. H. Burgess
Frank Pitts		12	W. H. Burgess
Frank Wright		2	R. H. Anderson
Friday			4	W. W. Bradley
Gadsen			7	William Burrows
George			4	H. N. Bradford
George			6	William Bogin
George			12	W. H. Burgess
George			13	J. D. Blanding
George B.		14	John S. Bradley
George D.		14	John S. Bradley
Granderson		16	G. W. Cooper
Grandison		1	J. E. Atkins
Guss			16	G. W. Cooper
Guy			10	James Booth
Hampton			9	S. J. Bradley
Hanibel			6	J. B. Brogden
Hannibal Bennet		15	PC
Hardy			1	Dr. H. I. Abbott
Harrison Luckey		12	C. Boyle
Harrison McDonald	12	C. Boyle
Harry			12	B. J. Barritt
Harry			13	G. W. Brown
Harvey			16	G. W. Cooper
Harvey Gregg		1	J. E. Atkins
Hazard			9	S. J. Bradley
Henry			4	H. W. Bradley
Henry			6	Mrs Dorcas Brown
Henry			8	Mrs M. L. Bracy
Henry			9	S. J. Bradley
Henry			11	Levy Burkett
Henry			16	G. W. Cooper
Henry Waites		9	S. J. Bradley
Henry Wilson		12	C. Boyle
Horace Wilson		12	C. Boyle
Horrace			2	R. H. Anderson
Horrace			6	Mrs Mary Brunson
Isaac			4	I. W. Bradley
Isaac			6	J. B. Brunson
Isaac			9	S. J. Bradley
Isaac Ballard		14	PC
Isaac Gregg		1	J. E. Atkins
Isaac Jenkins		9	S. J. Bradley
Ishmael			8	Samuel Boykin
Israel			2	R. H. Anderson
Jack			4	H. W. Bradley
Jack			5	W. W. Bradford
Jack			16	G. W. Cooper
Jack Spann		14	W. W. Bradford
Jackson			4	D. H. Boykin
Jacob			5	W. W. Bradford
Jacob			5	W. L. D. Brogdan
Jacob			8	Dr, W, S, Burgess
Jacob			8	S. J. Bradley
Jacob			12	W. W. Boykin
Jake			6	Mrs Dorcas Brown
Jake			16	G. W. Cooper
James			12	W. W. Boykin
January			2	R. H. Anderson
Jarred Dick		1	J. E. Atkins
Jeff			1	T. Adkins
Jeff			5	John E. Brown
Jefferson		13	James Bradley
Jess			1	J. E. Atkins
Jesse			9	S. J. Bradley
Jim			5	Abney Brown
Jim			6	Dr. F. M. Beckham
Jim			13	G. W. Brown
Joe			1	Dr. H. I. Abbott
Joe			7	William Burrows
Joe			8	S. J. Bradley
Joe			10	R. J. Brownfield
Joe			11	M. M. Brown
Joe			11	Dr. J. J. Bossard
Joe			13	A. C. Barrett
Joe			16	G. W. Cooper
Joe McBride		16	G. W. Cooper
John			3	Allen Washington
John			7	Leonard Brown
John			9	S. J. Bradley
John			13	J. D. Blanding
Johnny			2	R. H. Anderson
Jonas			5	William L. Brunson
Jordan			6	Moses Brogden
Jordan			13	J. D. Blanding
Joseph			12	W. H. Burgess
Josey Lisbon		9	S. J. Bradley
Josh			4	D. H. Boykin
Kelly			1	R. J. Anderson
Lawrence		6	J. B. Brunson
Levy			3	Rev'd A. Alexander
Lewis			3	Rev'd A. Alexander
Lewis			7	William Burrows
Lewis			9	S. J. Bradley
Lewis			16	G. W. Cooper
Little Charles		6	Moses Brogden
London			10	J. J. Brunson
Manigault		9	S. J. Bradley
Mansell			2	R. H. Anderson
Manson			4	W. W. Bradley
Manuel			16	G. W. Cooper
March			8	Samuel Boykin
March			8	S. J. Bradley
March (minor)		4	H. W. Bradley
Marcus			7	William Burrows
Marlborough		9	S. J. Bradley
Melton			16	G. W. Cooper
Menter			9	S. J. Bradley
Merriman		9	S. J. Bradley
Mingo			9	S. J. Bradley
Monday			14	John S. Bradley
Monty			1	Dr. H. I. Abbott
Morrick			2	James Atkinson
Morris			13	J. D. Blanding
Moses			1	J. E. Atkins
Moses Braford		12	C. Boyle
Munroe			14	John S. Bradley
Mustopher		9	S. J. Bradley
Nat			4	H. N. Bradford
Nathan			14	John S. Bradley
Ned			7	G. W. Bradford
Ned			9	S. J. Bradley
Ned Wilder		11	J. P. Brennan
Nelson (a minor)	5	E. A. Brown
Nero			11	James Booth
Nias			7	G. W. Bradford
Noah (minor)		4	H. W. Bradley
old Betty		14	John S. Bradley
Old Charles		6	Moses Brogden
old Nero		4	I. W. Bradley
old William		4	H. N. Bradford
old Willis		2	R. H. Anderson
Paul			5	E. A. Brown
Paul Jr.		16	G. W. Cooper
Paul Jr.		16	G. W. Cooper
Peter			6	J. F. Bradford
Peter			8	S. J. Bradley
Peter			9	S. J. Bradley
Peter			10	R. J. Brownfield
Peter			10	James Booth
Peter			11	Dr. J. J. Bossard
Peter			13	J. D. Blanding
Peter			16	G. W. Cooper
Peter Spann		10	James Booth
Phillip			16	G. W. Cooper
Plenty			6	Dr. F. M. Beckham
Pompey			12	W. H. Burgess
Prince			13	G. W. Brown
Quash			9	S. J. Bradley
Randal Garden		13	Mrs. V. Bradford
Ratcliff		11	J. J. Britton
Richard			2	James Atkinson
Richard			3	A. Anderson
Richard			11	Dr. J. J. Bossard
Richmond		2	R. H. Anderson
Robert			6	Dr. F. M. Beckham
Robert			8	S. J. Bradley
Robert			16	G. W. Cooper
Robin			4	H. N. Bradford
Sam			1	W. H. Anderson
Sam			6	J. F. Bradford
Sam			12	W. H. Burgess
Sam			16	G. W. Cooper
Sam (Foreman)		2	R. H. Anderson
Sam Britton		11	J. P. Brennan
Sam Brunson		14	W. W. Bradford
Sam West		2	R. H. Anderson
Sanders			2	R. H. Anderson
Sipeo			1	W. H. Anderson
Sisero			2	W. J. Anthony
Sisero			9	S. J. Bradley
Sisero			12	W. H. Burgess
Smart			4	W. W. Bradley
Spain DuRant		12	C. Boyle
Spencer			9	S. J. Bradley
Stephen			7	G. W. Bradford
Taff			13	G. W. Brown
Terry			10	James Booth
Thomas			12	W. H. Burgess
Thomas			14	John S. Bradley
Tom			13	J. D. Blanding
Tom			14	John S. Bradley
Tom			16	G. W. Cooper
Tom Ballard		9	PC	
Tom Boyle		12	C. Boyle
Tom Johnson		12	C. Boyle
Tom Benenhala		9	PC	
Tom Whitworth		1	J. E. Atkins
Tom Witherspoon		1	J. E. Atkins
Toney			4	D. H. Boykin
Virgil			16	G. W. Cooper
Wallace			2	R. H. Anderson
Walley			8	S. J. Bradley
Warren			1	J. E. Atkins
Washington		5	William L. Brunson
Washington		9	S. J. Bradley
Will			5	F. L. Brunson
William			2	W. J. Anthony
William			2	R. H. Anderson
William			5	T. M. Brogden
William			8	S. J. Bradley
William			12	W. H. Burgess
William			13	G. W. Brown
William Keen		9	S. J. Bradley
Willis			11	Levy Burkett
Willis (?overage)	3	Rev'd A. Alexander
Wilson			3	Allen Washington
York			8	S. J. Bradley
young Willis		2	R. H. Anderson
Zimmerman		14	John S. Bradley



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