Application's For Pardons...J. P. Richardson, Governor


Phillip Brunson, offense Housebreaking and Larceny. February 19 1887. He went into a negro cabin and stole some cotton. He is to work on the Blacksville R. R. in Newberry.

Wesley Green, convicted of Larceny and Burglary, he was a colored lad sentenced to 5 years from February 19 1887. He is at work on the Blacksville Alston and Newberry R. R.

Lewis Miller, sentenced on the 15 October 1883, to life in prison for Stealing and Stealing Cotton. Sentence commuted to 10 years, November 1, 1888, Arson and Grand Larceny. At work at the hosiery factory in the prison yard.

Jim Hudson and Tom McFadden charged with Burglary. Both sentenced to life imprisonment. Pardon refused. In July of 1886 Govoner Sheppard commutted sentence to 5 years.

Calvin McFaddon (colored) convicted of Arson for the burning of the wooden Jail at Manning to be confined to the penitentiary for the term of his natural life. Pardoned refused June 7 1888.

Samuel Simons (Symon) September 1877 age 19 years old.

Monroe Fulton sentenced to Hang the 14th day of December 1877. Sentence commuted to life December 2 1889 pardoned December 2 1890.

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Brockinton - Cuthbert

Daniels - Guyler

Hagood - Lynch

Mack - Purvis

Raiford - Turner

Vanderhurst - Young



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