Clarendon County, SC Apprenticeship of Harris Pearson

Found at the SCDAH...L14012 Apprenticeship 1866-1867-1869

Clerk of the Court, Clarendon District


State of South Carolina

Clarendon District

Apprenticeship of Harris PearsonThis Indenture witnesseth that June Johnson and his wife Sarah Johnson hath bound their Grandson Harris Pearson unto Apprenticeship unto James J. Dixon Master

I, June Johnson and Sarah Johnson my wife do hereby Bind our Grandson Harris Pearson of the age of Thirteen years of age unto James J. Dixon until he, the said Harris Pearson is full Twenty One years of age for the purpose of learning him the said Harris Pearson the business of Husbandry.

I James J. Dixon agree and bund myself as Master to receive Harris Pearson as my Apprentice to learn him the Business of Husbandry and to provide him with good and comfortable clothing and plenty of good holsome food and to pay all necessary medical bills for the said Harris Pearson until he is full age of Twenty One years.

In witness whereof we James J. Dixon, June Johnson and Sarah Johnson have subscribed our names and put our seals this Twentieth day of February 1867

Signed Sealed in presence.of E. R. Richbourg

I approve the above indenture of

apprenticeship this 20 day of

Feb 1867

J. B. Corrigan





Harris Pearson

Pinckney Wilson



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