Misc. Black Marriages of Sumter County, SC

Many states have recorded marriages on microfilm. Other states have only the marriage books. SC is one state that has only the marriage books. Marriages that took place in the early 1800's were not the marriages of our ancestors, but of their counterparts. Many private agencies and or individuals have indexed the marriages of whites, but they failed to include the marriages of our ancestors, for they did not suit the needs of their people. Today, the need is greater than ever, because this is just another link to the past. Many black marriages were recorded in various church records, as well as the baptisimal records. But this was a time when slavery was alive and well, and the said slaves attended church with their masters.

The State of South Carolina, began recording marriages about 1911, however, marriages that took place before records were kept, can sometimes be found in what was known as Established Marriage Books. Be aware that, that all counties did not record Established marriages and of the Counties that did, the books may not have survived. Be sure to consult these books, where available, for your ancestors that wanted it to be known, that they were married.

For Sumter County, I have included the date of marriage, the name of the groom (last name first), the bride, and the Marriage License number. For some counties, they include the age of the bride and groom. Sumter County did not.

These are misc. marriages that I have placed here. This list is small in comparison to the total number that I have recorded. The entire listing of the Black Marriages of Sumter County will be available for purchase in the near future.



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