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The Manning Times Wednesday January 1 1890

Eight defenseless Negroes, Lynched at Barnwell. The story of the raid on the Jail and the March to the place of Execution-witnessed and accessories Meet the same fate and Principals-The cause of the uprising.....

Between 2 and 4 o'clock this morning about one hundred armed and masked men broke into the county jail here and took out negro prisoners, carried them to the woods three quarters of a mile off, tied them to trees and shot them to death. The negroes who were killed are: Ripley Johnson, Mitchel Adams, Judge Jones, Robert Phoenix, Hugh Furz, Harrison Johnson, and Ralph Morral.

The Manning Times Wednesday January 15 1890

Henry Robertson, the colored man, who died near Jordan last Monday, is said to have been one of the best negroes in the county. His father was a native African and Henry was as black as polished ebony. He was a good farmer, and was trusted and respected by all who knew him.

The Manning Times Wednesday February 5 1890 front page

Both Died At The Well

Thomaston Ga. Jan 30-Two negro women died under peculiar circumstances in Hootenville district on Mr. W.T. Reapess' place a week or so ago. One of them, named Viney Todd, dropped dead near the well at her home, and the other Susan Reapess, was helping to prepare the body for burial, and went to the same well and fell within ten feet of the spot where the other woman died. She, however, did not died immediately, but lived several hours.

The Manning Times Wednesday April 9, 1890 page 3

Last Wednesday, Sharp McFaddin a little colored boy, was severely hurt at Bradham’s mill. He was knocking about the machinery when his clothes caught in the shaft. Mr. Judson Bradham happened to see him as he was being whirled over and stopped the engine. His left arm was broken close up to the shoulder and his right leg was also broken.

The Manning Times Wednesday April 9, 1890 page 3

Last Wednesday afternoon, two sons of Jim Palmer, colored, living on Col. Benbow’s place, went into the swamp to get out some staves. The eldest carried a gun, and while going through some bushes the gun was accidentally discharged, the load entering the abdomen of the younger boy who was following close behind. The wounded boy lived ten or twelve hours, and made a statement to the above effect, exonerating his brother from all blame.

The Manning Times Wednesday April 9, 1890 page 3

A Child Burned to Death

The two year old child of Tyra Tisdale, colored, was burned to death last Thursday. The old story; shut up in the house alone, mother gone, no one near, the house is burnt, and everything is ashes before it is found out. We understand that the child was almost entirely consumed. A portion of the intestines only could be found.


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