The Columbia Daily Register

The Columbia Daily Register Sat April 21 1888 front page

Colored Bishop's Strange Plea

He says the South should have an endemnity for the slaves.

The Columbia Daily Register Tuesday April 24 1888 front page

Reforming the Camden Negroes

Mary Carter died in her house when it burned down on her before help could be summoned......................

The Columbia Daily Register Sat April 28 1888 front page

A murderer Executed

Leonardtown, MD. April 27-John B. Biscoe, colored man was executed here today for the murder of Captain R. R. Dixon on the Potomac River at the close of August 1886. The execution was private and under the law only twenty persons to be present.

The Columbia Daily Register Sat April 28 1888 page 4

A short chunky negro arrested in Lexington

Killed in a quarrel a negro man named Quarles was killed near Ridgeway, Wednesday by his brother, in a quarrel. No further particulars could be learned.

The Columbia Daily Register Sunday April 29 1888 front page

A Colored Preacher Prophecies

An Atlanta Special says :Tom Kaigler, a colored preacher living on Sheriff Gilmore's plantation has created considerable excitement among the negroes on account of a revelation he claims to have had a vision.........

The Columbia Daily Register Sunday April 29 1888 front page

Homicide in Lancaster

Ed. Crockett, "A bad Nigger" Killed by J. G. Sowell in self-defense


The Columbia Daily Register Sunday April 29 1888

Fratricide in Fairfield

William Quarles Stabbed to Death his brother Bob

On Tuesday in the extreme southwestern portion of the county, William Quarles killed Bob Quarles his brother. Both are colored. William Quarles is a young man about sixteen years old and his brother is 25 years old.

The Columbia Register Tuesday May 8 1888 page 4

Insufficient Evidence To Convict

Tony Butler, colored, was arraigned before trial justice McMaster yesterday on charge of larceny in stealing a coat belonging to Mr. Longest from Conders livery stable. Butler claimed that he bought the coat from Mr. Longist, who is now absent from the city, and was discharged on the grounds that the evidence was insufficient to convict.

The Columbia Daily Register May 8 1888 front page

Killed by lightening

A Child in Newberry Struck Dead , A Heavy Hail Storm

The Columbia Daily Register Tuesday July 24 1888 front page

Murdered His Brother

The crime for which Dave Cunningham will probably hang. A Difficulty occurred between the two brothers named Aaron and Dave Cunningham, colored on Friday evening last.................

The Columbia Daily Register Thursday August 2 1888 front page

Fatal Boiler Explosion In Forestville near this city yesterday, instantly killed a colored man named Moses Mangrum and fatally injured others....................

The Columbia Daily Register August 4 1888 front page

Negroes Plan A Massacre

Vengence Wanted Upon the Whites Who Persecuted Them in Arkansas

Memphis Tenn-August 1, William Woods, a colored man employed on the plantation of Brooks, Neely & Co, in Crittenden County Arkansas, was in the city yesterday. He says that a monster plot is hatching among the friends of the negroes banished two weeks ago to wreak summary vengeance upon the whites. Largely attended meeting were held in Nazareth Church on Friday and Saturday last, called for the purpose of settling the details of the plan. Tom Tate, a well known colored man, presided and made several bitter speeches, one of which he closed with the following declaration:When we call upon you, it is expected that every man present will respond with his gun and be ready for a desperate fight. Any one who betrays the secrets must pay the penalty with his life.

The Columbia Daily Register August 4 1888

Wanted To Whip His Boss

Officer Cooper yesterday arrested J. W. Rawl's, a negro engaged on the work of grading the Columbia, Newberry and Laurens Railroad, in the Western part of the city. The negro became incensed at the foreman, Captain F. Hammond, and when securing a big piece of board, expressed his intention of "whippng de boss". Instead of so doing, however , he now languishes at the guard house , and will have to face the Mayor this morning.

The Columbia Daily Register August 4 1888

John Ross, colored of Charlotte, a car greaser, was coming down the road and sitting on the platform of the baggage car when the accident took place. He was scalded in a fearful manner by escaping steam, and was sent back to his home on the relief train from Charlotte. It was not thought at first that his injuries would prove fatal, but after lingering in great agony he died at his home yesterday evening.

The Columbia Daily Register August 9 1888

Fell Out With His Sisters

Dave Winfield, colored man before the Mayor yesterday for disorderly conduct consisting of beating his sister with a chair, and the Sheriff of the County is without a driver of consequence. He was sent down for fifteen days.

The Columbia Daily Register August 10 1888 front page

The old story

Nashville Tenn-Aug 10 1888 Amos Milly colored who outraged Mrs. Scott in Maury County two months ago was taken from the court room at Franklin Tenn. today by 500 armed men and hanged to the balcony of the building.

The Columbia Register August 11 1888 front page

Knoxville Tenn. Stranger the Fiction

How a rich Planters daughter Disgraced Her Name. She marries a Black Negro.............................

The Columbia Daily Register Sunday August 12 1888 front page

Died of natural causes coroner Cival had a jury of inquest summoned Friday to investigate the cause of death of Rosely McQuarters, a colored man, who died at the home of his sister, near the asylum. It was found that the deceased had lately come to his sisters where he had a hemorrhage and died before a physician could be called. In accordance with the facts the jury rendered a verdict of death from natural cause.

The Columbia Daily Register Tuesday August 14 1888 front page

Ruined By Negroes

The story of a well to do White family............Susan Margaret, Matilda................Negroes Peacock........Green Jackson



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