Orangeburg County Histories


Taken From The WPA Inventory of Church Archives 1935


Bethel A.M.E. 1888 Orangeburg County

Holly Hill, S.C.

Organized in 1888 by 30 members who withdrew from Target A. M. E. and desired a church in their home town, Rev. William Singleton was pastor, 1888-1890. A small frame building was erected at once. It was razed in 1919 to give place for a larger building. It is frame, 60 x 40, two towers, a vestibule, bell in one of the towers, capacity 400, and is valued at $1200. Land is valued at $200; the parsonage at $800. The total value of the property is $2200. There are 150 members. Rev. P. C . Lisbon is pastor; J. P. Edward’s is the clerk. Earlier records are lost.

Ebenezer A.M.E. 1897 Orangeburg County

Organized in 1897. First settled clergy Rev. Noble Stokes.

Friendship A.M.E. Orangeburg County

3 Miles S.W. of Parler, Country Road

Small frame building erected 1907, torn down in 1926 because it was dilapidated and also a larger one was needed, lumber was used to help in building the present building. It was a large rectangular frame building 60 x 40, a belfry on the gable and one bell. Seating capacity 400, 1 acre of land including cemetery. Value of the church $1000 land $75. Rev. Tom Brown first settled clergy from 1907 -1910. Educational background: Grammar School Elloree, S.C. Membership is 285. Charter members unknown. For convenience, the Methodist in the neighborhood wanted a church near, so members of St Pauls and other A.M.E.Churches organized Friendship.

Liberty Hill Baptist 1886 Orangeburg County

2 mi s of Vance Hwy 45

Organized 1886 first settled Rev. J. S. Daniel’s. Members of Providence left for a church near for convenience. Membership 175.

Live Oak 1890 Orangeburg County

1 mi south of Vance, S.C.

Organized in 1890 by members of Shiloh who lived in this community, and wanted a church nearer. Rev. T.M. Hampton was pastor, tenure 1890-1894. They met under a brush arbor until a frame building was erected 1891. It was razed 1911 and the lumber used in the new church. A rectangular frame building with a vestibule, belfry on corner with bell, capacity 300, was completed 1911 and dedicated. The lot is valued at $200, and the building at $1000, making a total of $1200. There is a cemetery also on this 2 acre lot. Present membership is 365. Rev. J.S. Hamilton, Vance is pastor. Older records are lost. Charter member.

Mt Olivet A.M.E. 1918 Orangeburg County

10 mi Holly Hill

Organized in 1918 by the Rev A. Jamison

Oak Grove Baptist 1869 Orangeburg County

3 mi West of Parler S.C.

Organized in 1869, situated on a county road. First church was a small rectangular frame building erected 1869, and torn down in 1920 because it was dilapidated and the lumber was used was too bad to use. Rectangular frame building 55' x 40' with two towers on front corners and one bell. Seating capacity 300. 1 acre of land including cemetery. First settled clergy Rev. Mann, firstname unknown, tenure 1869-1872. I volume of members deaths 1920, older records are lost. Present membership 215, charter members 22. After the war between the states, the negroes wanted their own churches, so 22 of the negro members of Antioch Baptist church organized Oak Grove.

Pineville A.M.E. 1880 Orangeburg County

10 mi S.E. of Bowman

Organized in 1880. First settled clergy Rev. Thomas Phillips, tenure 1880- 1882.

Shiloh A.M.E. Baptist 1887 Orangeburg County

Town of Elloree

No lapse. First church was a frame church erected in 1887 and torn down in 1892 and the lumber was used to help build the new church. Frame building, cruciform in shape with a steeple and one bell. Seating capacity 400. Parsonage next to church. I acre of land. First settled clergy Rev. D. A. Christie, tenure 1887-1891, education unknown. Older records lost. Reg. Books of members deaths at parsonage 1932-1938, 1 volume. Present membership 400, charter members 21. When the Railroad came and Elloree began to grow into a town, members of Providence and other A.M.E. churches moved into the town and wanted a church there and organized Shiloh with 21 members.

Shiloah A.M.E. 1890 Orangeburg County

2 mi w of Vance, Eutawville

Organized in 1890. Came out of Springfield. First settled clergy Rev. L. L. Carons.

Silas Chapel 1890 Orangeburg County

On Highway 26

Organized in 1890. First settled clergy William Stretch.

Springfield (Negro Baptist) 1870 Orangeburg County

4 Mi N Eutawville, SC 45

Organized in 1870 by 12 colored members from Antioch (white) with Rev. T. M. Hampton as pastor, 1870-1874. A small building frame, erected in 1870 was torn down and the materials moved 1 mile east on SC 45, to be used in the erection of a new building. In 1915, a frame church, 60 x 40, belfry and a bell on gable, gallery, capacity 400, was completed and dedicated same year. There is a small cemetery on the acre lot. Lot valued at $100, building at $900, making the value of the property $1000. There are now 150 members. Rev. Joe Funny, 44 Beaufain St. Charleston S.C. is pastor: Jake Wright, Rt 1 Eutawville, SC, is clerk. Minute book and finances, 1930.. 1 vol. Register of members, deaths 1915-36, 1 vol. Record book of S. S. 1935--, a vol. for each year.

St Pauls A.M.E. 1887 Orangeburg County

4 Miles North Orangeburg on a County Road

Organized in 1887, the first church a small rectangular frame building, was erected in 1887 torn down because it was dilapidated and the timber was used to help build a new church. The present church was dedicated 1920. A rectangular frame building 50' x 30' with a small belfry on gable and one bell. 1 acre of land including a cemetery. Seating capacity 300. Value of the church $900 and the land value $100, total value $1000. The first settled clergy Rev. Joe Mack, tenure 1887-1890. One volume of the minute book 1925. Older records are lost. The people living in the vicinity wanted a church near so they organized St Paul the membership is 104.

St Paul Baptist 1887 Orangeburg County


Organized in 1887. First settled clergy Rev. F.M. Ellis. Members deaths in the 1887 minutes, membership 135, 11 charter members. When the railroad came to Elloree in 1886 men who came to work on it mostly from N.C., wanted a church and Rev. F.M. Ellis organized St. Paul with 11 members and the membership is now 135. Records 1926-1932 in Church. There is no cemetery.




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