Removal of Graves
by the Santee Cooper Project, Moncks Corners, South Carolina

"Cemetery Records"....Berkeley County Historical Society

Graves and Cemeteries removed from the Santee Cooper project Area affected by the flooding of the lakes areas. The South Carolina Public Service Authority was created by Act 887 of the South Carolina General Assembly in 1934. In all cases in which cemeteries would be affected by the flooding of the resevoirs, the respective cemetery was advertised in the appropriate paper by the Legal Department in accordance with Section 3026 of the 1932 South Carolina Code. The advertisements were published once a week for four successive weeks. If no answer to the advertisement was received, the Authority had the discretion to leave the cemetery undisturbed or to relocate it. Section 6026 of the 1932 South Carolina Code provides that if the relatives and those in charge of the developement (in this instance, The Santee-Cooper) could not agree as to the removal of the graves, access could be had to the Courts to adjudicate the rights of the parties.

A total of more than 7,000 graves were determined to be in the Project Area. Of this number more than 6,000 were removed from the affected area and relocated in areas above the high water marks of Lake Marion and Moultrie; principally Lake Moultrie.

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