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The information extracted from the SC Death Indexes was the name's of the deceased, death certificate # taken from the SC Death Index, date of death, age at time of death, Father's name, Mother's name's, if not listed on the death certificate and I knew the parents name it has been added, place of burial, spouse if listed or known, name of the informant, and misc. remarks that I may have noted in my records . Many of the records are from my family lines. Many of the names I decided to extract from the roll I was working on, so as to have all the deaths from that particular county. The majority of the Ballard's and Bolden names were taken from Richland County. The Hall's and Harper's are from Anderson County, Henry's & House's are from Richland, Clarendon and Sumter Counties. The name Yough is from Richland County.

Some entries may have nothing more than name, date of death and death certificate #. These were not oversights. After extracting a list of names that I am interested in, from the index, I then proceed to the certificates that are top priority and then work the list.

Many of the surnames are: Canty, Henry, House, Johnson, Oliver, Ragin, and Vaughn




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