Slaves, Slaves & More Slaves

Slave Road in Charleston

The Old Slave Market

Inside the old slave mart

Slave Deaths 1862

SC Slaves of WJR Cantey

Slaves of William Smith

Slaves of William Ellison

Some Slaves of J. B. Richardson

Slaves of J. H. Dingle

Slaves of John N. Frierson...with their approx. ages

Slaves of John J. Frierson

Slaves of Maj. John Felder

John H. Ragin

Slaves of John Watson

Richard Ragin

John Frierson..(Appraisement of negroes Aug 1840)

Slave Trade African...Slave Trade Bills of SaleSouth Carolina State Flag

Slaves at the Pineland & Homesley Plantations

South Carolina's Warrants For Land...Slaves of 1692-1695

South Carolina Bills of Sale...Manumissions

SC Bills of Sale, Skilled Slaves

Georgia Slave Bills of Sale (Freedmen & Contractors, Index) Georgia State Flag

Georgia Slave Bills of Sale (Slave Births)

Georgia Slave Bills of Sale Index (A - Z)

Georgia Slave Bills of Sale (A - Z)

Georgia Slave Bills of Sale (Vol. 1, sec 3)

Virginia Slaves from North & South CarolinaVirginia State Flag




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