Richard Snowden, The Capt.

Richard Snowden, commonly known as the Capt. was born about 1640 in Wales, he is said to have held a Major’s commission under Oliver Cromwell. He was called Captain, because he was the Capt of the Provincial Forces. Richard came to Maryland in the seventeenth century. Richard was transported into the port of Baltimore in 1658. Also a John Snowden was transported in 1674. Richard married Deborah Abbott, daughter of Simon and Magdelan Abbott, before 1661. On April 6 1661 & May 10 1662, Edmond Towhill (Townehill) named "Richard Snowden, and to daughters in law (Step daughters) Deborah and Dorcas Abbott personalty". Deborah, Dorcas, their mother Maudlin or Magdelan and Simon Abbott, transported into Maryland in 1651.

Richard’s son Richard was born about 1666 in South River, Anne Arundel Co, Maryland, is mentioned as a well-known owner of land in Maryland, near South River, in a deed dated October 13th 1679. On August 1st, 1686, a tract of land called Robin Hood’s Forest, and containing 10,500 acres, was granted to him. He was living October 13th 1688, when William Parker deeds to him certain land for a consideration of L306. The Capt. died May 20 1711. Richard Snowden I, (The Capt.)of Birmingham, England, the founder of the family in Maryland as early as 1690, is supposed to be buried in the cemetery at Birmingham Manor, in Prince George County.

His son Richard Snowden 11 Jr. married Mary Lithnicum about 1688. Both of them were living as late as Dec 19th, 1711, when they signed their sons marriage certificate. Richard, apparently their only son, was born about 1690 and early in life began to take an active interest in affairs. His father probably was the builder of Birmingham Manor House about 1690, but the son added largely to the lands belonging to the Manor. From the fact that many of the tracts of land which he inherited from his father were re-surveyed. In 1719 the second Richard Snowden died. Richard Snowden 111 added over 10,000 acres to the original tract in the same year. Before 1736, he engaged in the manufacture of Iron on the Patuxent River, near his residence and September 29th 1736, certain land was granted to the "Patuxent Iron Work Company," in which were partners. Richard Snowden owning 11-16, Edmund Jennings of Annapolis, owning 2-16, and John Galloway and Joseph Cowman, of Anne Arundel, and John Pritchard, Mariner, then of London each owning 1-16.

This business, Richard Snowden continued until his death, at which time it appears by his will, he was sole owner of the Works, and was engaged in building a new forge. These Iron Works were the first ever operated in Maryland.

Richard Snowden 111, commonly called the Iron Master was born in 1690, married first Eliza Coale May 19 1709 in Prince George’s County Maryland. Eliza Coale was born December 3 1692 in Montgomery County Maryland. She was the daughter of William and Eliza Coale.

Their children were:

1. Deborah who married James Brooke. Their children were: James, Roger, Richard, Basil, Thomas, and Elizabeth Pleasants.

2. Eliza who married John Thomas in 1727 (her Uncle)

3. Mary born in 1712 who married Samuel Thomas in 1730 (her uncle)

Eliza Coale Snowden died about 1713.

Richard Snowden 111 married second Elizabeth, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Hutchins) Thomas December 19th 1717, and had further issue by her.

4. Richard born in 1719-20 who married Elizabeth October 31 1748, only daughter of John and Mary Crowley, and died without any children, March 18th 1753.

5. Thomas born about 1722 and married before 1744, Mary, daughter of Henry Wright.

6. Ann born 1724, married Henry Wright Crabb and their children were : Richard, Elizabeth married March 29th 1771, William, son of Samuel Robertson, Jeremiah married, Elizabeth Griffith, Ralph and John.

7. Margaret married John Contee and their children were Elizabeth married James Keith, Jean, Richard married Elizabeth Sanders, and Ann married James Magruder.

8. Samuel born November 2 1728 married Elizabeth Thomas, who was the daughter of Phillip and Ann Chew. Samuel died June 27 1801, and Elizabeth died January 30 1790.

9. Elizabeth born 1730 married Joseph Cowman.

10. John born 1743 married Rachel Hopkins, daughter of Gerard and Mary (Hall) Hopkins, February 25 1783, and their children were Richard Phillip born 1785, Anna Maria born 1787, Gerard Hopkins born April 27 1788, John T. born about 1791, Margaret born 1793, Rezin Hammond born September 8 1796 and Rachel born 1798.



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