Thomas Family

James Thomas, husband of Tizby Thomas, died July 31, 1876 when he shot himself, accidentally while trying to put a gun under the house of Henrietta Williams, when the gun fired accidentally. His death was from a gunshot wound in the left groin. An inquest was held at the Canty burial ground at the Canty Hunting Place and this was the decision of the jury of inquest. A copy of the Coroner's Inquisition is on file.

On the 1870 census, James and Tisby (Tizby) are shown on page 155b, Sammy Swamp Township. James is listed as 68 years old and Tisby is listed as 65 years old

According to the 1910 census, Tisby (Tizby) Thomas was living with her grandson, Jasper Thomas, the son of Peter Thomas, however, the census states that she is the mother of Jasper, which is incorrect, she was his grandmother. Tisby was the mother of 10 children, with four living in 1910. Her date of birth was listed as May 1796. Peter was living next door with his wife Nanny Johnson Thomas and children. When Tisby died, July 21, 1917, on her death certificate, she was listed as 127 years old. On the 1900 census she was listed as 104 years old.






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